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Becoming an advocate for diversity and inclusion involves a great deal of self-reflection, continuous efforts towards awareness, and consistency; in order to achieve changes in behaviours. The Healing Process can help you facilitate the conversation around many topics such as diversity, inclusion or mental health. 

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Whether one realizes it or not, we are all influenced by our background, experiences, and environmental conditions. These various influences can shape our daily choices and can also have an impact on the workplace. A discussion will be led to have a better understanding of this topic. In addition, two surveys assessing individuals cognitive biases will be sent prior so results can be discussed during the workshop.

In this part of the workshop, participants will explore how to identify micro-aggressions (micro-insults, micro-assaults, and micro-invalidations). The goal of this section is to understand the impact of these types of situations and to recognize their longer-term impacts on wellness, mental health, and behaviour. In addition, discuss actionable steps to address the issues and incorporate change within the workplace.

A discussion around understanding the importance of having allies who are not BIPOC, the definition of allyship, and an analysis of what is already being done and areas of improvement within the team or department. The goal of this discussion is to help move past the discomfort of self-reflection and difficult conversations; in order to inspire meaningful steps towards effectively addressing these issues.

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